Holidays in Tibet

Tibet, with its solitary arid highlands, nomadic shepherds, emerald lakes, snowy mountains and age old Buddhist spiritualism, is a dream destination for those bitten by the wanderlust bug. A trip to this fabled land involves travelling to places situated at altitudes above 3000 metres. Explore ancient palaces and citadels, like the imposing Potala Palace and the ruins of the Guge Kingdom and learn more about Tibet’s fascinating history.  Spend some quiet moments reflecting at monasteries like Tashilhunpo and Samye. Complete a loop around the sacred Mt. Kailash and Lake Mansarover. Enjoy a lakeside picnic on the banks of the heavenly Nam Tso Lake. Trek to the Everest Base Camp or take an unforgettable bike trip across the Kathmandu-Lhasa highway.  Tibet also boasts of the world’s highest railway line the, Quinghai-Tibet Railway. A journey aboard this train (fitted with supplementary oxygen) across the spectacular Tibetan Plateau is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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