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MICE in Nepal

Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions [MICE]… in the Laps of the towering Himalayas! 

Nepal is sanctified with an incredible diversity of natural beauty and a consequent wealth of cultural varieties; parallel to this, she offers new heights in conference facilities and incentive opportunities with the Himalaya as a sublime backdrop, something so ideal for those meetings and conferences to make the ‘right decisions – at the right time – and the right place’ to make it happen. In recent years, the country has become a prime haven with unique landscapes ideal for organizing international conferences, exhibitions, meetings and sports events. The Global Youth Meet 1999 – 2000, the first event of its kind in this region, the Trans Himalayan 2000, a Cross-Country Race organized by Raid Gauloise of France, SAARC Summit, and the South Asian Federation Games 1999 are some of the examples of the country’s rise in organizing international events of substance.
Many of the renowned and famed tourist spots of Nepal are global symbols of peace, some symbolize tranquility and some others indicate that of prosperity as well as destined to become the base for the promotion of brotherhood among the different nations on earth. The country’s geography ranges from the lowlands of the Gangetic plains, Nepal’s lower southern region to very high alpine regions above the timberline, the young mountains and religiously, the home of Lord Shiva and Parbati. The Jomsom - Annapurna region and Namche Bazaar - Everest Region at high altitudes and Pokhara, Lumbini and Kathmandu in the central region are among the best examples of extremely unique locations, which are so ideally suited to becoming venues for major international summits, conferences, workshops, seminars or any meetings of global, continental or regional importance.
The conclusions of any conventions held at such venues would be naturally gratifying and of utmost satisfaction to all parties involved. This is why Nepal is arguably, the best destination for top achieving Executives geared to succeed. So come to Nepal to get the real touch of supreme tranquility that rejuvenates your body, mind and spirit while organizing a convention, a summit or any meeting in a country that pride’s itself in being home to some of the highest mountains in the world. Wheeler dealer Executives from across the global spectrum of the business world are invited to this small landlocked Himalayan nation to make game changing decisions that would influence business for the benefit of mankind, making the  planet a better place to live in.

Getting to Nepal for Conventions and incentive Tours!
To whisk top executives into Nepal, there are a number of major international airlines touching down at Kathmandu’s international airport, the capital city of this Himalayan kingdom. It has direct flights from Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Varanasi, Bangalore, Karachi, Dhaka, Paro, Doha, Dubai, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna, Amsterdam, Moscow, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Shanghai, Lhasa and Osaka.
For flying around the country, we have excellent domestic air services and helicopter charter services as well as deluxe tourist coaches available at highly competitive rates. Your exclusive travel partner in Nepal - lncentive Holidays will provide you all the flight information and arrange your airline as well as helicopter booking services. It will also arrange travel options by surface through our own fleet of Luxury vehicles to take you to your destination of choice.
Meeting, Seminar and Conference facilities on offer
The choice of multipurpose conference facilities available in Kathmandu and outside indicates a capability to provide complete technical, communications and business services for any event. So, whether you want to have a grand gathering at any seminar with 5* amenities or outside the valley amidst breathtaking natural surroundings, Nepal has what it takes to make the event a winner to meet your business aspirations.
An elegant grand hall for conference and seminars - meeting rooms with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment will leave you with nothing but the ultimate in perfection when it comes to making your presentations count with absolute effect. We can provide you conference halls of various sizes ranging from 100 seats to capacities of 1500 seats with seating arrangements styled to suit your comforts. Our logistical support is geared to ensure you have the right ambience to think through, with effect, when deciding to make those key decisions to show your business acumen in the group.

Tailored Tours to suit your time frame…and preferences…

You can make your holiday, design and plan your trip yourself with our assistance; you can prepare and buy your own unique tailor made tours for Nepal through the active participation of Incentive Holidays.
All of the trips described on our website and in our brochure can be tailored to more closely meet your specific interests and requirements. Please note, all of our programs have been impeccably designed to give you holidays of purpose, with meaning, and to give justice to why you have spent your hard earned money…so that you go home with a sense of happiness and gratification.
Please talk to us! We offer complete tailor made services to create individual adventure and eco travel itineraries to meet your individual needs and dreams for a truly personal adventure travel experience. We have a whole history of experience in helping numerous clients in designing and planning individual adventures, ranging from romantic breaks to personal challenges faced on the rugged Himalayas, to school study programs and the most vital among all of these, arduous adventure expeditions, from low budgets to no expenses spared. We frequently work with individuals and groups to design their personal itineraries and have practical ideas, suggestions and experiences to share with you. We generally work closely with you to tailor make your adventure itineraries to suit your time frames and any special needs for the whole family.
We also provide individual quotes based upon your itinerary, requirements, budget and group size programs and can help with any planning or briefings you may want to organise.
Just tell us your interests and plans and we will work with you all the way in helping you to realize your ideal vacation that ensures your safety first, quality and a fantastic adventure travel experience you sure wouldn’t have imagined.
Get friendly with us at: [email protected] and you’ll never walk alone, unless you want it that way.

Travel booking services

We provide all Travel booking services which include Transfers airport to airport, Hotel booking, Flight booking, and Car rentals etc. We strive to make your trip in Nepal easier with richer experiences. We hope you not only see but experience the efforts we put in to ensure you are well taken care off!

Hotel Booking

Incentive Holidays has developed friendly and strong working relationships with many hotels in major tourist regions of Nepal. Because of this we can book a wide variety of hotels to meet the special requirements of travelers with multi cultural backgrounds. All of the hotels we offer are clean, tidy, comfortable and well-equipped. We are able to book these hotels at special rates for our guests with different budget variations.
All of the bookings can be easily made through e-mail, fax or by filling the booking form clearly stating the check in and check out date. If you are using the online booking form then the availability of rooms can be directly seen on our website. But if you are making email and fax bookings then our team will check the status of rooms first and then only confirm your bookings.

Transportation Arrangement

Incentive Holidays provides all kinds of transportation services for the conveniences of our guests to any part of the country as and when needed.  We have a fleet of vehicles that are well maintained and serviced after each trip carried out and our vehicles are virtually guaranteed to go the mile at any distance without any breakdown hassles no matter which terrain you wish to go through in Nepal, despite the roughshod roadways.


Cars / Vans / Hiace

All our transportation facilities are included in the package as per the number of clients and the type of services needed. But if someone is coming directly then we will arrange something as per guest requirements. For Airport transfers we use private cars for small group of people and for larger groups, we are using Hiace (a mini bus that can carry around 16 people maximum). For destinations out of the valley, we provide all the necessary transportation by arranging vehicles considering the size of the group and requirements of guests exclusively.

  • Car (for 1-2 people)

  • Van (for 3-7 people)

  • Hiace (for 8-12 people)

Minibus / Bus 

At present we usually provide safe and comfortable vehicles ranging from the passenger minibus of 13-20 seats to the luxurious passenger bus of 35 seats operated by reliable and experienced drivers during your trip. All passenger buses we provide for our clients are new, air-conditioned, comfortable and safe.

  • Coaster Bus (for 13-20 people)

  • Sutlej Bus (for 21-35 people)

For any kind of vehicle bookings and other travel arrangements, please contact us at: [email protected], we’d sure be glad to help you.

Wedding Arrangement

Weddings: Some of the world’s best places to get a ‘YES’…In Nepal.

Once you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life with that special someone, you’re faced with what can feel like an even greater decision. Where do I pop the question?

He Said/She Said: 

‘Nepal is one place in the world where you could fall in love’. Nepal has had its share of visitors in all shades of human nature and colors for that perfect chemistry – right from the gentlest of people on earth to legendary mountaineers who came, saw and conquered its peaks. There are those who flew in just to watch the rare bird species and we also had those shady con artists who said that money grows on trees in Nepal – which they inadvertently found in Nepal’s ATMs, and caught in the act. And we also had notorious international criminals like Charles Sobraj who swore that he’d even smuggle an elephant out of Nepal, which became his nemesis, only to land up in Nepal’s dingy slammers, where he still languishes; Nepal has seen them all – the Good, the Bad…and the Ugly. 

Nevertheless, despite this heady mix of visitors we’ve had, all will swear that Nepal is one place in the world where you could fall in love, And ironically, none other than Charles Sobraj will vouch for this. There are many who come to Nepal and fall in love with the country…& one another. We’ve also known of several who’ve sorted out some of the most troublesome boardroom hurdles in Nepal’s tranquil resorts on the mountains and sworn enemies have unexpectedly bumped into each other high up on the trails of this lovely Himalayan country, only to come down to earth and give peace a chance, leaving Nepal with life long friendships; the unpredictable only happens in this beautiful slow moving country that prefers to stay behind the clock. 

Ever thought of enjoying your honeymoon at 8848m atop Mt. Everest? It’s a mind blowing phenomenon on the highest mountain in the world. In a few minutes minus 20 degrees at freezing point, with entwined hands, enjoy warmed champagne, look into her eyes and tell her the magical words…that you crossed so many oceans just to be with her, climbed the highest mountains just to live with her… forever…and in these exceptional settings of spectacular landscapes, hear her whispering the golden words – ‘I Do’- and its sealed…forever; a romantic occasion never to be forgotten at a spot where legends were made. And should this work as planned, you will be the second couple in the world to have tied the knot atop Everest, the king of all peaks on planet earth.

The options for weddings and honeymoons are so many in Nepal; we’ll go a little further. Sometimes women prefer to be landlocked, and with this in mind, the options would be Nagarkot and Dhulikhel, sleepy little honeymoon resorts lost in a world of its own natural beauty; offering perfect views of the enveloping mountains; you can hang out in these quiet and peaceful ancient towns for hours, watching the local folks attired in colorful dress ramble on by. As you stroll along the quiet walks with your paramour, look out for the lovely landscapes that surround you, watch the ancient valley lit up in the evenings, and from a vantage point of your resort in the moments of twilight, Steal a kiss from your special one as the sun sets in a spectacular display of colors over some of the most famous peaks in the world. 

And if this is not all, then seal it in ancient Kathmandu’s ‘Garden of Dreams’, a romantic spot of historical significance that will produce a wooing environment similar to that of ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Just before you enter Kathmandu’s tourist hub Thamel, opposite to the SAARC Secretariat on busy Tridevi Marg, a pert little entrance in a tall brick wall leads into perhaps the most unimagined experience in the city. Step inside and you will encounter a revival of classical art forms in this historical garden -- a place of ponds and lily pads, bright well trimmed green lawns and whispering palm trees, and something most welcome, quiet. This is a hypnotically lovely place, especially when illuminated at night. Sit down to a few cuppers of tea/coffee/wine, and let rip about ‘those were the days my love, I thought they’d never end’’ at the Kaiser Café to complete the experience…and tell her how much she means to you. To go off track for the wilder side of love and romance, then make it hot, steamy and mushy with a jungle foray at any of Nepal’s lush green national parks…there’s no one to disturb you except the birds and one of them tigers yawning in the glades, enjoying the bliss of your love shared with the love of your life… for these are the backdrops to a guaranteed ‘YES’ in a world bereft of true love.

Incentive Holidays has all the expertise required to plan and organize your wedding and Honeymoon so that you ‘Live the love of your Dreams’ right to the hilt.

Film Shooting Arrangement

Film Shooting:  Nepal’s natural geographic beauty has block buster locations to film movies of every genre known. 

‘This film may change my life forever’’. This is what some of us feel after watching a film that touches the heart deep down in those most emotional corners of the soul. Some moments live forever in our celluloid age, and for many fans, film locations where scenes were shot have become places of pilgrimage; and Nepal – known worldwide as ‘the abode of the gods’ aptly fits into such a scenario. Explore Nepal through the eyes of Cecil B. Demille who shot ‘The Ten Commandments’’, using the Sinai desert and locations in the historical Middle east. Nepal has ideal locations for movies of religious dimensions in typical spots that include rugged Dolpa, Mustang, Jomsom and Muktinath. These areas possess some of the best known trekking trails in the world with sceneries that stun the senses. Award-winning photographer/filmmaker Eric Valli dared to create this film in the forbidden Dolpo region of Nepal to create ‘Himalaya’ [‘Caravan’, the first Nepalese film to be nominated for an International Academy Award. Nepal has made a niche for itself with some of the best locations in the world to shoot films of any entertaining level.

Foreign film-makers can use Nepal’s cultural heritage sites in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur with its narrow back lanes to film movies similar to the type of known Hollywood films like ‘Heat’ and ‘Bonnie & Clyde’’ where marathon chases can be made on ‘foot’ instead of cars because of Kathmandu’s cramped streets and the maze of backyard lanes that would make for exceptional films where the costs would also be far less than using cars or any kind of vehicles. Even a gutsy gritty film on Nepal’s recent earthquakes can be turned into a film of formidable ‘search and rescue’ operations based on a love story with tragic and happy conclusions that could move a world looking for the ideal story of survival in the toughest of times. 

Films on the lines of ‘Braveheart’ based on Scottish history can also be created and shot on the sweeping, mountainous landscapes of Nepal which cannot be faked and really are the wild, rocky Highlands of the Himalayas which are of the highest altitudes in the world. Nepal’s Himalayas can be used for producing films on India’s renowned Mughal history, which began with Timur [Tamerlane – a descendent of Genghis Khan] who came in via the Khyber Pass from Afghanistan to establish Mughal rule in all of India. Nepal possesses superb backgrounds for films of historical significance. 

The number of film shootings taking place in Nepal has witnessed a growing trend each year, according to government data. This reflects Nepal’s increasing popularity for on-location shootings. In studying different trending patterns, foreign film-makers have preferred cultural heritage sites in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur as well as Mt Everest and sites in Chitwan, Baglung, Pokhara, Lukla, Namche and Nagarkot. Though much documentaries shot in Nepal are in English, many French, German, Dutch, Japanese, Danish, Swedish and Indonesian films, which also include documentaries and TVCs have also been shot in Nepal. Past records show various movies shot in Nepal went on to become famous hitting box office charts; some of them are namely: ‘The Conquest of Everest’, the Chinese movie ‘Up in the Wind’, Hindi movies ‘Khuda Gawah’, the block buster ‘Hare Ram Hare Krishna’, ‘Love in Nepal’, ‘Caravan’ and the Cantonese film ‘Bodhi Dharma and Qi Yuah’. 

‘Incentive Holidays’ has the expertise to carry out all the groundwork related to obtaining permission from government offices, processing all the paper work and handling all logistics in transporting equipment and providing skilled manpower for locations based in challenging Himalayan regions. 

Photography Arrangement

Photography: Boundless locations of diverse beauty for amateurs and professional photographers.

Photography is a pleasant art, but also one that can be learned. Some forethought, a little basic knowledge and the will to go out and tramp some of Nepal’s literal towns that can be billed as ‘living museums’’, with the vast rural landscapes of immense scenic beauty is sure to bring gratifying results for photographers from all walks of life heading to Nepal. 

From sunrise to sunsets, religious and spiritual events, festivals and imposing mountains, reels of photographic memories can be passed down to generations.

The sun’s fiery globe lingering over the rose tinted Himalayas is the picture every Nepal visitor dreams of taking. Though the ideal vantage point may be a week’s hike into hills above 3000m, during clear weather, especially in the falls, you can take mountable shots even from the balcony of your hotel in Kathmandu. The autumn season is a photographer’s delight to shoot the Himalayas. From atop any of Kathmandu’s ‘high rise’ hotels, or from swayambhunath, you’ll witness the impressive ridge that guards the north of Kathmandu. From the hilltops nearby – Kakani, Nagarkot, Dhulikhel or Phulchoki, you’ll be able to capture heart throbbing views of the Himalayan horizon, from Everest to the Annapurnas; all of these high points are accessible by vehicle. Comfortable hotel accommodations are available at all these havens of exquisite beauty. 
Capture the living world of Nepal with its vibrant colours. The mind blowing sunrise and sunset views are but some of the best photo shots you can come by in Nepal. 

Any one of Incentive Holidays camera pros will be with you on your photography tour and guide you on how to be ‘Ready, Aim and Shoot’ because nearly every area or landscape in Nepal is photographable if not framable – and you will find scenes to match any frame or thought that catches your eye. 

Helicopter Chartered Services are critical in landlocked Nepal for various vital reasons, especially in providing services for tourists and trekkers and airlifting the injured during major accidents that frequently occur in the country. We operate flights for sightseeing, rescue evacuations in the Himalayas, medical evacuation, corporate movement, project support, expedition works or any other purposes that need the services of this important air service by Helicopters. We also operate support flights for trekking, which is getting really popular these days in the name of "Heli-Trekking". Aerial sightseeing flights over  heritage monuments and tourist spots is pretty popular these days especially for high end clients cramped on time and for those with physical disabilities. You can be assured that using our services will be a special experience, and your safety and satisfaction will always be are our prime concerns. Incentive Holidays is well linked to all the major Helicopter operating companies within the country and we are primed to arrange Helicopter chartered services at the quickest possible time.
Helicopter services available:

  • Medical Emergency Evacuation
  • Corporate Helicopter Transfers
  • Search & Rescue Operations
  • Aerial Filming Photography Helicopter Services
  • Product launching from the World's Highest Point
  • Area Surveys
  • Civilian Rescue operations
  • Mountain Views
  • Heli - Tours
  • Everest Mountain flights
  • Langtang Heli-trekking
  • Chitwan Wildlife Tours by Helicopters
  • Pokhara & the Annapurnas
  • Mount Kailash Yatras
  • Lumbini Helicopter Tours
  • Heli Yatras to Damador Kunda & Muktinath

Check us out for more details on this front at: [email protected], we’d be glad to help you.

Domestic Flight Booking

Domestic Connections

Nepal Airlines has an extensive network of air services to major parts of the country. Besides Nepal Airlines, other domestic airlines provide regular and charter services to popular domestic destinations that include major tourists’ hubs. Many domestic airlines operate early morning till late afternoon, and this includes one-hour Mountain flights, especially in the peak tourists’ season and round the year.

Some of the major airlines operating in the country are: 

1. Nepal Airlines
2. Buddha Air
3. Yeti Airlines
4. Saurya Airlines

Most of Nepal’s domestic airlines follow international norms of safety and are sensitive to passengers needs in the landlocked nation where airline operations are critical for traveling to different destinations within the country as surface routes tend to be always plagued with landslides, especially in the monsoon season. At Incentive Holidays, we offer Domestic flight bookings to all the major cities and tourists hubs throughout Nepal.

International Flight Booking

Its probably been real hectic while planning your vacation of a lifetime…and in the process you had forgotten to book a round trip air ticket, leaving you trying to figure out ‘how am I going to get back home, at the best possible price?’ but take heart here, you sure don’t have to worry till your hat’s fallen off.
We will arrange your air journey home in the quickest possible time with the least stops in-between with the best air fares that are pocket friendly. But make sure you contact us early, the quicker the better, or as soon as you land in Nepal, because it could be the peak season period and flights could be overloaded with no seats available, and you sure don’t want to hip hop your way back home in the wheel boxes of the plane heading straight to the destination of your choice.
Incentive Holidays is also an authorised General Sales Agent [GSA] for Air Asia in Nepal and we can give you the best air fares to any country you’d want to go to in the Asian sub continent with connecting flights home sweet home.
Please check us out for more details on this front at: [email protected], we’d be glad to help you all the way.