About Us

When I first ventured into the tourism industry more than two decades ago, travelling to Nepal was dream cherished mainly by a handful of dedicated mountain climbers. Today, it attracts adventure seekers and luxury travelers of all kind from around the world. The perfect blend of nature, culture and architecture all accessible and enjoyable with modern infrastructure lay before any traveler infinite options of holiday choices. And Crystal Nirvana Treks & Expeditions has all that in its menu. It is a microcosm of what Nepal as a holiday destination offers today. And we also share a similar history with that of the tourism industry. We started with cultural tours but we also gradually built our ability to adapt our itineraries and arrangements to a wide variety of special interest groups. We grew slowly and carefully, building a reputation and gaining many lifelong friends in the process. From the start, we have carried this philosophy: High-quality holidaying need not be exclusively for top-end luxury travel sector. It also belongs to cost-conscious travelers and to anyone seeking the real difference that our region can offer.

And it is not just that that makes us stand from the crowd. We have the experience of operating in the Himalayas for the past two decades with an excellent track record offering highly reliable liaisons work in the countries that we specialize in. We have young, energetic and experience office and field staffs who are ever ready to share their knowledge of their culture. They have unblemished history of safety, and they offer eco-friendly and environmentally sound trips and have a very high ratio of satisfied clients.

Our programs are increasingly popular and we have embarked on new ventures as we are continually adapting to the changes in travel needs while keeping in mind quality standards, safety and minimum environmental impact.

We offer an array of treks that take you all over the Himalayas and beyond. We emphasize on safety, hygiene and environment protection in all our forays. By safety we don’t just mean of our clients but of our staff as well.

Our concerns for the environment are genuine and we do everything to ensure it remains as we found it, if not better. Combustible waste is burnt, biodegradable waste is buried and recyclable waste is brought back to Kathmandu.

We also help organize various cultural and musical events right down from the venue to create appropriate ambience, be it dance recitals, musical fiestas or multi-cultural plays. This effectively facilitates interaction with local art, culture and community. Our trips are timed with important festivals and other culturally important events, to allow our clients to enjoy these places both culturally and aesthetically.

On specialized package, Tibet, the mysterious land, has been one of our expertise products. Frequently trodden routes aside, we are pleased to introduce new programs in Eastern Tibet that are off the beaten track. If you have ever dreamt of visiting “Shangrila”, these are the trips that can take you there for real!!!

In Bhutan, Myanmar and India, including Sikkim/Darjeeling/Ladakh, we offer reasonable priced, very sellable programs. Besides quoting that best ranges and providing quality service we also offer additions, customized and specialized itineraries.
I am convinced that we can do business that will be mutually beneficial to both our companies.

If you would like to have more information please let me know. If and when you have time, please check out our website: https://www.cntreks.com/
Looking forward to the pleasure hearing from you.