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White Water Rafting in Nepal: Aquatic ventures in raging rivers…

Rafting the wild rivers of Nepal is one ideal way of escaping the monotonous frills of everyday life. Nepal's rivers are second to none, originating from the glaciers of the world’s tallest mountains; they thrust through towering gorges and forested foothills before the calmer journey along the Ganges plain on their way to the Bay of Bengal. Rivers in this part of the world are regarded as goddesses, and are included in a number of Hindu and Buddhist religious rituals. You may be lucky to witness a pagan river festival during your trip. It’s a treat to remember.

Rafting in Nepal can be a superb adventure that you would have probably never thought about. There are plenty of milky white water rapids to keep the adrenaline peaking, with more peaceful stretches in between allowing time to reflect on the abundance of natural beauty that you witness on your rafting trips. On overnight camping trips on the banks of the river under starry skies on a moonlit night can be a very laidback special romantic experience, especially if you are accompanied with your fiancé. You are generally accommodated in tents for 2 people that are set up often around a campfire made from driftwood. All necessary equipment is provided and each rafting team is led by one of our highly experienced rafting guides’ who know the nature of the rivers better than they know themselves. Our rafters are team leaders who simply enjoy their jobs. Rafting experience is not necessary unless stated in the itinerary. This also depends on the river you choose for your rafting adventure.

Nepalese rivers can be grouped into three categories on the basis of their origin:

1. Antecedent to the Himalayas
2. Below the Mahabharat
3. Below the Churia range

For one day as an optional activity, one can do rafting at the Trishuli river which is only 3 hrs drive away from kathmandu City. Besides one day activity, there are major river systems: the Koshi, the Karnali and the Gandaki which belong to the first group as stated in No. 1. Rivers originating from the Mahabharat Range, and which cut through the Churia hills, come under the second group. These include the Karnali, Bagmati, and the river Kamala. The third group of rivers originates from the southern face of the Churia hills. We run rafting expeditions on the following river routes:

The Kali Gandaki River (4 Days) Grade 4/4 +

This package offers amazing views of natural beauty and exposes you to Western Nepalese Culture. The trip encompasses the world’s Deepest River Gorges, as you experience challenging and thrilling White Water Rafting.
Day 1: Take a flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara. Overnight at your hotel in Pokhara
Day 2: After breakfast, we take an early morning drive to Nayapul (Rafting put in Point). After your briefing about the trip, we start rafting. Overnight camping down by the river side
Day 3: Continue rafting. Overnight camping by the river side
Day 4: Rafting for about 2 hrs Up to Ramdighat. Drive back to Pokhara airport for your flight or drive back to Kathmandu /or Fly back to Kathmandu.

The Karnali River (10 Days) Grade 4 / 5

This is the largest and longest river in Nepal and also said to be one of the best rivers in the world. The river flows through the western Himalayan ranges.

Day 1: Drive to Surkhet by night coach (at 2.00pm)
Day 2: Arrival Surkhet, drive continues (3hrs.) in another vehicle up to end of the motor able point Karele ghat. Overnight Camping at Karele ghat
Day 3-8th:  Continue rafting, overnight camping and one day rest on these days.
Day 9: Rafting 3 hrs. Up to Chisapani (ending point), after lunch, drive back to Kathmandu
Day 10: Arrival at Kathmandu.  Transfer to Hotel

The Marshyangdi (6 Days) Grade 4/5 with one day trekking

This river is a highly popular river for views of the western Himalayan ranges and most challenging with its continuous rapids. This is one of the less explored rivers in Nepal and is always up for a challenge.
Day 1: Drive from Kathmandu – Pokhara – Besishahar.  Overnight camping under starlit skies
Day 2: One day trekking Nyagdi. Overnight camp
Day 3-5: Continue rafting.  Overnight camping
Day 6: Rafting around 3 hrs. Up to Bimalnagar (ending point).  Drive from Bimalnagar to Kathmandu. Check into your hotell

The Sunkoshi (9 Days) Grade 4 / 5

This river is known as the river of Gold and also said to be one of the best rivers in the world. This river flows through the great Mahabharata Lake of the Middle Eastern part of Nepal.
Day 1: Drive to Dolalghat (rafting put-in point) after preparation and a briefing on the trip; start rafting. Overnight Camping
Day 2-7: Continue rafting each day. Overnight camping by a fireside under starlit skies
Day 8: Rafting 3 hrs Up to Chatara (ending point).  Take a flight to Kathmandu from Biratnagar which is close to Chatara or drive back to Kathmandu. It’s your choice, but a scenic drive is a great experience to enjoy

The River Tamur (12 days) Grade 4/5 with 3 Days trekking

Tamur is said to be a world class river in Nepal. This river flows down from the lap of Mt. Kanchenjunga (3rd highest peak in the world). This adventure includes a 3 days short trek up to Dovan from Basantapur which is an added attraction of this river trip.
Day 1 & Day 2: We take a long scenic drive from Kathmandu to Basantapur and around mid day, we arrive at Basantapur. Overnight camping by a fireside under a moonlit & starry sky
Day 3-5: Trek up to Dovan (put-in-point), overnight camping.
Day 6: we start rafting, overnight camping
Day 7-10: we continue rafting each day. Overnight camping
Day 11: Short Rafting around approx 2 hrs Up to Chatara (ending point).  Drive back to Kathmandu from Chatara.
Day 12: Arrival in Kathmandu.

The Bhotekoshi River (2 Days) Grade 4 / 4 +

This trip offers you much challenging and tricky rapids. The trip is considered to be one of the best short river trips in Nepal. It’s a virtual battle of the wits on these rapids.
Day 1: Drive (around 5hrs.) from Kathmandu to Baseri (your put-in point). After preparation and a briefing, we start rafting for 2 hrs. Overnight camping
Day 2: Continue rafting up to Dam (ending point) PM:  drive back to Kathmandu.

The Seti River (3days) Grade 2/4+

This river passes through two green hills. The trip on this river offers you views of impressive gorges and exciting rapids on small volumes of white and warm waters.
Day 1: Drive to Pokhara by tourist bus and Check into your Hotel,
Day 2: Early morning drive to Damauli (rafting put-in point). After preparation and a briefing, we start rafting. Overnight Camping by a fireside
Day 3: Continue rafting up to Gaighat (ending point) Drive back to Kathmandu.

The Trisuli River (2 Days) Grade 3 / 3 +

This is the most popular river in Nepal, with tiny exciting rapids & is ideal for those looking for more gentle rivers like the Fewa Lake in Pokhara. The rafting trip is generally always included in your package trip to Chitwan and Pokhara. It’s truly a wholesome & fulfilling package. The Trisuli would be ideal for beginners who’ve never done rafting before.
Day 1: Drive 3.5 hrs to Charaundi (rafting put-in point) from Kathmandu.  After preparation and briefing, we start rafting. Overnight camping by the fireside
Day 2: Continue rafting up to Gaighat (ending point). Drive back to Kathmandu or proceed further to Chitwan or Pokhara.

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Rafting with Incentive Holidays is a special thrill that promises fulfillment. We plan your trip to detail and our rafters are trained to not only enjoy their work on these raging rapids but are also geared to save your life in the event of unpredictable situations related to the environment.